Sunday, April 15, 2007

Eliza's big day

Well, it has been a great day at my foster home. I hope my furever home is this great-warm comfy couch, great food, kisses and cuddles, a yard to trot around in, loving people. I had a little plateful of steak for dinner tonite, but my foster mom said don't get used to it! She is just trying to fatten me up a bit.

pets, hugs, and kisses!

My foster mom brought little kids see me. They loved that I would lay still while they put me on their laps and cuddled me. They screamed "puppy" really loud. But it didn't bother me a bit. I am just so happy to be around loving humans. My foster mom says I am great with kids, but the kids need to be as nice to me as I am to them.

me and my friend Melanie

Melanie is a foster dog just like me. She is showing me the ropes-in this case where the toys are and how we use them. I am not quite ready for growling, wrestling, and tug of war. So right now I will just watch the action!

Eliza-fun facts!

Here is my top ten Eliza fun facts:

*I am tiny-the size of a fox terrier!

*I am a little skinny-but my foster mom is going to fatten me right up

*I love dogs! I have 3 other dogs in my foster home & I am watching everything they do.

*My tail wags for people and food!

*I am housetrained-of course!

*I love the couch and being under my foster mom's computer desk.

*Kids are really cool- I trailed my human foster sister and her friend all over the house.

*I like to go to my crate for naps and bedtime & I am nice and quiet in there.

*I have learned what a "kong" is, but my foster dog brother and sisters took it away before I got all the peanut butter out:(

*So far my favorite treat is Cheez Nips!

Little Eliza-tiny couch potato

Alot of really nice people helped me get to my foster home. The pictures of me at the shelter-yucky- show me looking scared and a little pitiful. Now that I am here in a nice warm house, sitting on the couch- I am a different dog!

Friday, April 13, 2007


The last hug before being handed off during my transport! I love to cuddle!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Eliza is the cutest little girl and just as friendly as they come. She loved being held and petted. She has a little skin issue on her front chest and her head and really needs to put on a little weight, but she will be a very loving companion.

Monday, April 2, 2007


HELLO! I was found wandering in a place called Higginsville, MO. I am a skinny thing that really needs some love and a big bowl of kibble! The place here ain't too bad but I was told that I need to get out of here and find my own family. Some nice people with Illinois Birddog Rescue offered to help me find a new family and to get me some new polite manners. I can't wait to start singing..."The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly In The Plain"! What ever that means!